Debt Resolution

Debt resolution is an alternative to bankruptcy or debt consolidation that seeks to settle debts with your creditors for less than the amount owed.

GRT Financial takes the stress out of dealing with your creditors by acting as your personal negotiator. Our team of experienced representatives have built careers on strong relationships with debt collectors and creditors. We leverage those relationships to get you the best deal possible.

We are regarded as one of the most effective debt settlement companies in the United States. We are not like debt consolidation companies, this is NOT a loan! We offer you a custom debt relief program.

Our clients contribute monthly into a special purpose bank account with the goal of using that money to offer settlements to creditors. Our success-based model ensures that our success is dependent on your success. By settling your debt, everyone wins!

When it comes to consumer debt management services or consumer credit management services, GRT Financial offers the best service! Call us and get relief today!

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Debt Calculator

This calculator will estimate the amount of time it will take to pay off a given debt if you are paying a monthly minimum payment. Plus, it will also tell you the “Approximate Total” you will pay between now and when the debt is paid off.

Your Financial Situation

Total Unsecured Debt
Months To Pay Off
Number of Creditors
Average Interest Rate


Consolidation Loans Credit Counseling Do Nothing
(Pay Minimum)
GRT Financial
Total Unsecured Debt        
Months To
Pay Off
Interest Rate        
Extra Interest Paid        
Your Total Cost        


Monthly Payments   Time In Program
  Total Cost
  Consolidation Loan   Credit Counseling   Do Nothing (Pay Minimum)   GRT Financial

*The above figures for GRT Financial are estimates based upon past performance. Individual results will vary. GRT’s fees are included in the above results. GRT’s fees are typically between 15-30% of enrolled debt. On average, clients who make all monthly program payments pay approximately 55% of their enrolled debt upon successful program completion, before program fees, and approximately 75%-80% with fees included. Figures for consolidation and credit counseling are general examples taken from and may vary based upon market conditions and programs offered.

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